1/16 Airsoft RC Tank – Snow Leopard


1/16 Airsoft RC Tank – Snow Leopard


The ‘Snow Leopard’ Radio Controlled Tank comes equipped with a BB shooting system, full suspension and movable turret.

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1/16 scale RC Airsoft tank replica of the Snow Leopard, shooting 6mm BB’s and equipped with moving turret and barrel.

Now is your chance to add this iconic tank to your collection. As a 1/16 scale replica of the famous Leopard 1, the tank can be steered using the included remote control and boast extremely realistic details. Drive forwards, backwards, turn 360 degrees around your axis, shoot 6mm BB pellets up to 25 meters far, turn the turret 320 degree and move the barrel up and down by using the included remote control. Equipped with full suspension caterpillar chains, the “Snow Leopard” can take on any kinds of terrains and hit a top speed of 20mph (32km/hour).

A quick history lesson; The Leopard is a battle tank designed and produced by Germany which entered service in 1965. In total 6,485 Leopard tanks have ever been built, of which 4,744 were battle tanks and 1741 were utility and anti-aircraft variants. Due to its design, the Leopard quickly became a standard for European tanks and was eventually used by over 12 countries worldwide as main battle tank. Since 1990, the Leopard 1 has gradually been relegated to secondary roles in most armies.

The “Snow Leopard” Tank is now in stock. Ready for shipping within one day, this Airsoft Tank is brought to you by the leader in wholesale RC Toys, Chinavasion.

At a Glance…

  • 1/16 Scale Model Snow Leopard RC Tank
  • Full RC Controls
  • 320 Degree Rotating Turret
  • Shoots 6mm BB’s
  • Detailed Replica
Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 58 × 28 cm


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1/16 Airsoft RC Tank - Snow Leopard

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