Blue LED Black Metal Watch – Dark Samurai


Blue LED Black Metal Watch – Dark Samurai


Summon the powers of the dark Samurai with this Japanese inspired LED watch with Blue LED technology and all metal, matte black strap.

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Japanese Style LED Watch with Blue LED technology, an all metal matte black strap with matching watch face and date and time display.

The stylish “Dark Samurai” LED watch can be worn for any occasion and reflects the serenity and power of the samurai. Its all metal design and matte black finish makes this watch a real eye catcher and the blue high tech LEDs give the “Dark Samurai” a futuristic twist. It is said that the spirit of the last samurai was casted in this watch and this is how this long forgotten legend goes:

In the sixteenth century, the first European arrived in Japan. At that time, the Japanese had the most ferocious fighting force ever. The famous Samurais fought for honor and respected their enemies. They had no fear, proving their loyalty until death. Their close combat skills, their agility, their accuracy, their strength, their morale, each of these great competencies was trained and pushed to the maximum. But the introduction of firearms in 1543 brought a lot of irreversible changes for these elite warriors…

A few decades later in the 1575 Battle of Nagashino, an army of simple peasants and farmers, organized as gunners, mowed down a charge of several thousands of Samurais by firing volleys of bullets, hidden behind wood palisades. This perfidious strategy caused the beginning of the end of the noble Samurai code. A survivor of this terrible defeat, who was called the Dark Samurai for his ability to fight in the darkness, seeking to preserve the Samurai culture from depravity of humankind, climbed Mount Fuji and prayed the ancestral Gods for days…

His call was finally heard and a pact was sealed. Of course there was a price to pay for this mighty and courageous warrior. He accepted to offer his life and soul to the sacred mountain and, in exchange, the spirit of Samurai would remain forever wrought in the bowels of Mount Fuji. Centuries passed by and, to avoid the complete disappearing of Samurai existence, the volcano recently released a precious object housing the Samurai soul: a beautiful Dark LED Watch.

Feel the Samurai spirit spreading in your body as soon as you wear the Dark LED Watch around your wrist. Don’t also forget to sell it on your online store to share a bit of Japanese culture – and make amazing profit! Discovered and brought to you by the leader in awesome gadgets, electronics and wholesale LED Watches, Chinavasion.

At a Glance…

  • Japanese Style LED Watch
  • Blue LED Technology
  • All Metal, Matte Black Strap
  • Time and Date Display
Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 8 cm


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Blue LED Black Metal Watch - Dark Samurai

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