Car Head Up Display System


Car Head Up Display System


Car Head Up Display has a 2.8 Inch Screen as well as being OBD-II Compatible plus it is a Plug and Play device.

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Car Head Up Display is great way to keep your eyes on the road, know your speed and if there are any issues; this device has a 2.8 inch screen as well as being OBD-II compatible and extremely easy to use.


We are living in a wonderfully technological time in which we are always striving to perfect our situation, and this head up display (HUD) system is a leap forward for safe driving. Simply connect the HUD to your car’s OBDII port with the accompanying cable (included in every order), then place it upfacing upwards on your dashboard. After you have the HUD facing up, place the reflecting film (also included) on your windscreen directly opposite the head up display’s 2.4 inch screen. When you turn it on, it should project the information onto your windshield, keeping you looking at the road while also keeping you informed.

What can it do?

Designed to display important information such as your vehicle’s speed and the engine’s rotation speed, but that’s not all. When the temperature reaches 100 degree centigrade, an alarm will be sounded automatically with the alarm light turning on. This HUD will remind the driver to go up a gear to save fuel when the engine speed and vehicle speed come to an optimized ratio. The HUD also displays fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers when the vehicle is moving in addition to information when the battery voltage is less than or reaches 12v.

In stock now, we guarantee that this Car Head Up Display can be dispatched within one working day with a 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices and wholesale Car gadgets, Chinavasion.

At a Glance…

  • Car Head Up Display
  • 2.8 Inch Screen
  • OBD-II Compatible
  • Plug + Play
Weight 0.248 kg
Dimensions 18 x 14 x 6 cm


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Car Head Up Display System

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