Three Color LED Light Bulb


Three Color LED Light Bulb


5 Watt LED light bulb, emitting 860 Lumens with 3 colors tones, Warm White, White and Mixed Light

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5 Watt LED light bulb that emits 860Lumens at a choice of 3 colors tones to light your way to great savings.

Low energy effective lighting

Low energy light bulbs are nothing new but we when we think of them we normally picture Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) which while being more efficient than the incandescent bulbs tend to leave us disappointed. This is because they take a while to warm up before emitting a good light and even then they don’t really provide as much light as what we’re used to. These bulbs emit 860 Lumens so around the same as a 60 Watt incadecent bulb.

Long life

With LED light bulbs you can save the environment and also have good effective lighting. These particular bulbs have three sections so are color temperature adjustable, you can chose between warm white, white and mixed lighting modes. They may cost more than the CFL bulbs but with a life span of 40000 hours or around 4 and a half years of constant use they will keep shining when most others have long gone out.

Money saving

Your standard incandescent bulbs are very inefficient with as little as 5 percentage of the electricity actually creating light, the rest just creates heat. The bulbs use just 5 Watts, which is about a third the energy of your typical CFL light bulb so you will certainly notice the reduction in your electric bill. So now you can be kind to the environment and save money as well which makes buying these sort of lights a no brainer.

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At a Glance…

  • 860 Lumens
  • 5W
  • Warm White, White and Mixed Light
  • 40000 Hours Lifespan
Weight 0.121 kg
Dimensions 7 x 6 x 12 cm


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Three Color LED Light Bulb

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